What Is The Best Time To Visit Vienna? A Local’s Guide!

What Is The Best Time To Visit Vienna? A Local’s Guide!

A grand fountain in the foreground with water arching into the air, set against the backdrop of a regal, historical palace surrounded by manicured lawns. Summer is the best time to visit vienna, as you can see the great weather in this picture

Are you wondering about the best time to visit Vienna? Then you are in the right spot.

Vienna is pretty awesome year-round. But there are some significant upsides and downsides to each season. And when planning your holiday, you probably want to avoid going at a bad time.

Luckily for you, I lived in Vienna for a while, and I know the best time to go (pssst – it’s December). But of course, there are lots of other times that are amazing for a visit.

In this post, I’ll give you the lay of the land of visiting Vienna – and when to go for the best experience.

Let’s get to it.

Best Time To Visit Vienna, Austria – In Short

If you are here to quickly learn about the best time to go to Vienna, you are in the right spot. For more information on every season, keep on reading!

Obviously, it really depends on your preferences, your budget, and what you want to get out of your vacation. However, some months in Vienna are just extraordinarily beautiful and in my opinion a great time to visit.

So here is my honest opinion on the best and worst times to visit Vienna:

Best Months to Visit Vienna: May, June, October and December

Worst Months to Visit Vienna: January, February, November, July

Summer in Vienna – What You Need to Know

Summer is an awesome season to visit Vienna. Outdoor life in Vienna is in full swing. You can sit on the terraces, chill on the Danube island, and enjoy good weather almost every day.

Of course, there are downsides to visiting Vienna in Summer. Firstly, it can get pretty hot. Especially in July and August temperatures are soaring and it doesn’t really cool down at night either.

Secondly, it is school summer holidays in Austria. This means it is super busy and also super expensive. Summer is definitely the main tourist season in Austria.

Ideally, visit Vienna in June. It is not too hot yet and it is a little quieter because there are no school holidays. There are lots of long weekends because of national holidays, try to avoid those for your trip.

All that being said, I love Vienna in Summer. The vibe is great and the city comes to life. Especially the longer days are perfect for drinking ice-cold cocktails in pretty spots.

The Weather in Vienna in Summer

The weather in Vienna in Summer is characterized by hot and sunny days. July is the warmest month of the year, and it can be uncomfortable, especially at night.

Weather-wise, June is the best month to visit in summer because it is not super hot yet. August in Vienna is also beautiful, but expect lots of heat as well.

For many people, June is the best time to visit Vienna.

MonthAverage Temperature (F)Average Temperature (C)Average Sunshine DaysAverage Rainfall Days
June 66.2F 19C 17 13
July 70.7F 21.5C 20 12
August 70.2F 21.2C 20 12
Weather in Vienna in Summer

Festivities and Holidays in Vienna in Summer

Summer in Vienna is especially great if you love festivals, parades, and concerts. The entire season is characterized by cultural (outdoor) activities.

Here are a few examples of major festivals in Vienna in summer:

Vienna Festival (Wiener Festwochen): cultural event at the end of May/beginning of June. Including lots of opera, theater, and classical concerts all over the city

Midsummer Night’s Concert (Sommernachtskonzert): Stunning open-air-concert in the Schnbrunn Palace gardens by the Vienna Philharmonic

Vienna Pride and Rainbow Parade

Donauinselfest (Danube Island Festival): One of Europe’s largest open-air music festivals, usually held in June

There are also a couple of holidays in Austria in summer that you should be aware of. On these days, shops and businesses are usually closed, so keep that in mind. I suggest to avoid them for your travels, as most things are more expensive then.

They are mainly Christian holidays, but the whole country observes them:

  • Whit Monday (Pfingstmontag): Celebrated on the Monday after Pentecost, in late May or early June. In 2024, it will be on May 20th.
  • Corpus Christi (Fronleichnam): Thursday after Trinity Sunday, usually in June. In 2024, it will be on May 30th.
  • Assumption Day (Maria Himmelfahrt): Celebrated on August 15th, this is a public holiday in Austria, marking the assumption of the Virgin Mary into heaven.
the author sitting on the steps of the albertina museum in vienna in shorts and a top enjoying the summer heat, because it is one of the best times to visit vienna

Vienna in Fall – What You Need to Know

The beginning of fall is a beautiful time to visit Vienna. October is my favorite fall month to head to the city.

You can see pretty fall foliage, it is wine season and the weather is still reasonably good. Oh, and the Vienna ball season starts as well.

Fall is outside of the main season in Vienna, so prices are typically lower and the city is not so overrun. Austria also does not have national fall school holidays, so you won’t have to worry about that.

Personally, I would avoid going in November. The weather in Austria in November can be grey, cold and rainy on most days. It is a great time for budget travelers though.

beautiful fall scene over the vienna prater and the stunning ferris wheel with fall foliage on the trees

The Weather in Vienna in Fall

The weather in Vienna in the fall is pretty versatile. September and October are usually characterized by mild temperatures and sunny days.

If you are lucky, you’ll get to experience “Altweibersommer” which is kind of like an Indian summer.

In November, the weather in Austria usually turns ugly. You’ll have lots of rainy, cold, and foggy days. Sometimes there is even some snowfall.

MonthAverage Temperature (F)Average Temperature (C)Average Sunshine DaysAverage Rainfall Days
September 61.7F 16.5C 16 10
October 51.8F 11C 12 11
November 41.9F 5.5C 9 12
Weather in Vienna in fall

Important Festivities and Holidays in Vienna in Fall

Festival season in fall in Vienna does not slow down – on the contrary. Most activities will be held inside, but nevertheless, there is a lot to experience. If you want to experience some Austrian culture, fall is one of the best times to visit Vienna.

Here are a couple of festivals in Vienna in the fall:

Vienna Design Week: Typically held in late September or early October, this festival is all about design: furniture, industrial design and experimental design

Vienna Fashion Week: Usually in September, Vienna Fashion Week is all about clothes and fashion design. You’ll see international but also Austrian designers presenting their new lines.

Long Night of Museums (Lange Nacht der Museen): In early October, museums in Vienna stay open late into the night, offering awesome exhibitions, guided tours, and events.

Vienna Film Festival (Viennale)

Austrian National Day (Nationalfeiertag): on October 26th, this holiday celebrates Austria’s Declaration of Neutrality in 1955. There are some impressive military parades and you can visit the parliament

Vienna in the Winter – What You Need to Know

Winter is the best and worst time to visit Vienna, and I’ll tell you why. The weather in Vienna in winter is moody, cloudy, snowy, and cold. Exactly what you’ll want for the Christmas market season in December.

In January and February, Vienna is cold and dreary – without the cheerful markets to make everyone happy.

December is a popular season, and Vienna Christmas markets are the best I have ever seen. Make sure to book accommodation an flights early if you are planning on going then.

I can’t see a reason why anyone would want to go in January or February – except that it is cheap. Personally, I’d rather pay the price to go in December for sure.

Weather in Vienna in Winter

As I mentioned already, it can get pretty cold and gloomy in Vienna in winter. You can expect a little snowfall (which usually creates chaos in the streets) and little sunshine.

You need to pack very warm clothes to have a good trip to Vienna in winter. Especially if you plan on hanging out at the Christmas markets outside.

Here is a bit of an overview of what you can expect the weather to be like:

MonthAvg Temperature (F / C)Avg SnowfallAvg Sunshine Days
December 34F / 1C 7 inches 2 days
January 31F / -1C 8 inches 3 days
February 34F / 1C 6 inches 4 days
Weather in Vienna in Winter

Festivals & Activities in Vienna in Winter

Winter has definitely all my favorite holidays – and what better place to celebrate than in Vienna? Apart from the (amazing) Christmas markets, there are plenty of other celebrations going in in winter season.

Here are some major holidays you should be aware of before planning your trip.

Christmas Markets (November – December): Vienna is famous for its charming Christmas markets, where you can enjoy mulled wine, and traditional sweets, and shop for unique gifts and decorations.

New Year’s Eve (Silvester) (December 31st): There will be fireworks, concerts, and the famous New Year’s Eve Trail in the city center

Vienna Ball Season (January – February): Check out one of the 450 balls taking place, including the famous Opera Ball.

Fasching (Carnival) (January – February): Enjoy the festive atmosphere of Fasching, the Austrian Carnival, with parades, costumes, and parties throughout the city. Most parades are on Faschindienstag or Faschingsamstag. The dates change each year.

Valentine’s Day (February 14th): This is not a public holiday, but most Austrians celebrate Valentine’s Day with romantic dinners and small gifts.

Easter Markets (March – April): As winter turns to spring, the Easter markets open up! You can get beautifully decorated eggs, crafts, and traditional Easter treats.

Vienna in Spring – What You Need to Know

In spring, Vienna becomes a beautiful city full of flowers and nice weather. It is a pretty good time to go, striking a balance of mild weather and fewer crowds.

Parks like the famous Volksgarten, Schnbrunn Gardens, and Belvedere Gardens are full of colorful flowers. It’s a great time to walk along the Danube River or visit the vineyards outside the city.

There are also a couple of events, like Easter markets. Cafs put tables outside, so you can enjoy coffee and cake in the sun.

Avoid going in March or around the Austrian Easter holidays. My favorite Spring month to visit Vienna is May.

Weather in Vienna in Spring

The weather in Vienna in Spring is getting better with each passing day. You’ll still have some cold an rainy days in March, but they gradually get less.

Weather-wise, May is an awesome month to visit Vienna. There is usually plenty of sunshine, without the mid-summer heat.

Here’s a quick overview of Vienna’s weather in spring:

MonthAvg Temperature (F / C)Avg Rainy Days
March 45F / 7C 12 days
April 53F / 12C 13 days
May 62F / 17C 14 days
Weather in Vienna in Spring

Festivals & Holidays in Vienna in Spring

If you are looking for festivals, Spring might not be the best time to visit Vienna. While there are a couple of things happening, it is not as busy as winter for sure.

Here are a couple of notable events in spring in Vienna:

Vienna Easter Markets (March-April): Beautiful little markets that offer traditional Easter decorations, crafts, and delicious Austrian food

Steiermark Frhling (April): This festival celebrates the culture and products of Styria, one of Austria’s regions. Kinda funny that it is held in Vienna, but it is still great to see. You can enjoy Styrian wine, food, and traditional music.

Vienna City Marathon (April)

Donaukanaltreiben (May): A big cultural festival along the Danube Canal, with live music, art installations, and food stalls

Wiener Festwochen (May-June): This arts festival showcases a variety of performances, including opera, theater, and dance

Conclusion: Best Time To Visit Vienna

To sum it up, my favorite months to visit Vienna are May, June, October and December. I would not recommend going in January, February or July and August, as the weather is just not ideal.

The most expensive time to visit Vienna is definitely in summer and during the Christmas market season, so keep that in mind when planning your trip. If you want to save money, go either in November or from January until March.

If I had to pick one month as my absolute favorite – it would be December. The Christmas markets are super stunning. But as we have seen, the other seasons also have some fun festivals to offer.

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FAQ: Best Time to Travel To Vienna

What is the best month to visit Austria?

The best months to visit Austria are May, June, October and December. While May and June have the best weather conditions, October is beautiful with fall foliage. December is a great time to visit the Christmas markets and to do winter sports.

Is it better to visit Vienna in winter or in summer?

Vienna is great to visit in summer and winter. If you want to see the beautiful Christmas markets, I suggest going in December. Otherwise the best time to visit Vienna is in early summer (end of May and June). Vienna in January and February is not great, the weather is cold and the atmosphere is a bit dreary.

What are the rainy months in Vienna?

In Vienna, the rainiest months are usually June, July, and August. These summer months bring the most rainfall, making them the wettest time of the year in the city. Usually, those are summer showers that pass quickly, In winter, you’ll have a constant small drizzle or wet snow.

Is December a good time to visit Vienna?

Yes, December is my favorite time to visit Vienna. The Christmas markets are stunning and the atmosphere in Vienna is lovely. It can get pretty busy, so keep that in mind.

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