We Polled Over 100 People on Preferred Travel Accommodations, and You Won’t Believe What They Said!

We Polled Over 100 People on Preferred Travel Accommodations, and You Won’t Believe What They Said!


Hey there! Let’s be real, where you stay can totally make or break your trip.

Should you go all-out with a luxurious escape, save your cash for experiences with a budget-friendly spot, or find that perfect middle ground?

We get it, choosing the right “home away from home” is key for both comfort and sticking to your budget.

We wanted to know what real travelers think, so we dug into a Reddit survey with over 100 folks spilling the beans on their accommodation habits.

Hostels? Luxury hotels? Cozy vacation rentals?

They dished on their preferences, and let’s just say, there were some interesting trends!

Let’s dive into the results and see if they can help you nail down the perfect place for your next adventure.

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And the Survey Says…

Okay, time to break down the numbers! Here’s how those 100+ travelers cast their votes on accommodations:

Luxury Lovers (42 votes):

No surprise here – who doesn’t dream of plush robes, top-notch service, and those fancy mini-toiletries? Luxury hotels definitely hold an allure for those who want to be pampered.

Budget-Conscious Crew (36 votes):

These savvy travelers know that a great adventure doesn’t require breaking the bank. Budget hotels offer the essentials – a clean room, a comfy bed – for a price that fits the bill.

Vacation Rental Fans (20 votes):

Like having your own little home base? Vacation rentals like Airbnb offer space to spread out, the option for kitchens, and unique stays. Perfect for families, groups, or anyone wanting a place with personality.

Cozy and Quaint (5 votes):

There’s something special about the charm of bed and breakfasts or inns. The personal touch and homey vibes resonate with those looking for a more intimate experience.

Hostel Heroes (3 votes):

While less popular overall, hostels hold a special place in the hearts of budget-minded adventurers who enjoy the social aspect and potential for meeting fellow explorers.

These numbers tell a story – travelers want different things, whether it’s a splurge-worthy experience, a comfy place to crash after exploring, or something in between.

Let’s dig into what these folks had to say about their choices and see why some accommodations just clicked for them.

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Why They Chose It: Digging Deeper

Beverly Hills Hotel lobby (private)

Okay, now it’s time to break down why these travelers picked what they picked.

Was it total pampering that won them over, keeping costs down so they could splurge on experiences, or something unique that spoke to them personally?

Let’s hear some real stories from the survey to see if they can help you nail down YOUR ideal travel vibe.

We’ll look at the love for luxury, the appeal of vacation rentals, the cozy B&B vibes, and why some folks swear by hostels.

Luxury Hotels

7 Star Luxury

Luxury hotels captured the most votes, appealing to travelers who desire an indulgent experience and comprehensive services.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t fantasize about sinking into a plush robe with room service on speed dial?

Luxury hotels topped the list, proving that sometimes, it’s ALL about the pampering.

From spas to swanky restaurants and staff that caters to your every whim, they offer an undeniably indulgent escape.

However, some respondents raised questions about the affordability of luxury hotels.

One traveler noted, “Preferred or what I can afford? Cos I bet loads of people choosing Lux hotels can’t afford it. They’re mostly gen alpha/z in here.”

This response hints that many choose luxury hotels as an ideal choice, even if their budget might lean toward a more economical option.

Still, if ultimate relaxation and top-notch service are your top priorities, a luxury hotel might be worth the splurge for a truly special occasion.

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Budget Hotels

Hotel Yotel (Hell's Kitchen)

Turns out, a lot of travelers are about maximizing experiences, not fancy hotel lobbies.

Budget hotels scored high because, honestly, if you’re out exploring all day, you mainly need a clean room and a comfy bed.

One person put it perfectly: “Ideally, if I’m traveling, I’ll only be in the room for bed, so might as well go budget.”

Another savvy traveler summed it up with “Budget & Airbnb” – sometimes it’s less about frills and more about finding a convenient and affordable place to crash.

Budget hotels might not offer a spa or room service, but they get the job done without breaking the bank!

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Vacation Rentals

Colorful Beach Vacation Homes

Airbnb and other vacation rental platforms are changing the game!

They offer something unique – space to spread out, the chance to cook your own meals, and often, a taste of living like a local instead of feeling like a tourist.

Let’s break down what makes vacation rentals so popular:

  1. Space to Spread Out: No more feeling cramped in a tiny hotel room! Vacation rentals mean separate bedrooms, actual living areas, and often a kitchen. Families and groups especially love the extra space to relax and unwind.
  2. A Taste of Local Life: Ditch the touristy spots and live like a local for a while! Vacation rentals often put you in real neighborhoods, where you can hit up the corner market, cook a meal with local ingredients, and get a truer sense of the place.
  3. Your Stay, Your Way: Need a place for a long weekend or a whole month? Vacation rentals are flexible. Plus, many offer unique perks – think hot tubs, backyards, or even game rooms – so you can really personalize your experienc

Sometimes you want the predictability of a hotel, but vacation like cabin rentals let you break the mold!

They offer a cozy, lived-in feel and put you right in the heart of a neighborhood for a genuine experience.

If you’re the kind of traveler who wants more than just a generic hotel room, a vacation rental could be the perfect escape.

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The New Inn Pub, Ham Common - London.

B&Bs and inns aren’t for everyone, but they hold a certain magic for a special kind of traveler.

Imagine a charming historic building, personalized service, and maybe even a delicious home-cooked breakfast.

That’s the B&B life!

These cozy escapes are all about stepping away from the impersonal feel of large hotels.

They offer a unique atmosphere and a chance to connect with the innkeeper or friendly staff who might even share some local secrets.

If quaint charm and a personal touch are what you crave, a B&B or inn could be your perfect travel match.

  1. It’s All About the Personal Touch: B&B owners often go above and beyond! They might greet you at the door, offer up amazing local tips, or even personally whip up your breakfast. It feels more like a home away from home than a hotel.
  2. Cozy Vibes: These places just have a special atmosphere. Think comfy common areas, uniquely decorated rooms, and a smaller number of guests that creates a more intimate feeling.
  3. Dive into Local Life: B&B hosts are like your personal insider guide to the area. They know the hidden gems, the history, and maybe even the best place for pie.

For travelers who prioritize connection, charm, and a slower-paced experience, B&Bs and inns provide a niche yet rewarding option.

They can transform an ordinary trip into a unique, memorable journey.

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Hostel Adria - Split, Croatia

Okay, our poll showed hostels might not be everyone’s first choice…

BUT they hold a special place in the hearts of budget-minded adventurers.

As one wise traveler put it, “Hostels are underrated.”

Hostels offer an undeniable deal on a place to crash, making them perfect for those who want to spend their money on experiences, not hotels.

But there’s more to it than just cheap beds!

They offer a chance to meet fellow explorers, share stories, and get tips from locals or other backpacking pros.

For travelers willing to embrace the social side and a no-frills approach, hostels can be a surprisingly awesome way to travel.

Here’s why hostels rock if you’re traveling on a budget and want a unique experience:

  1. Wallet-Friendly: Let’s face it, hostels are the cheapest way to get a bed for the night. That means more cash for actually exploring your destination, whether it’s food, museums, or whatever adventure you crave.
  2. The Social Scene: Hostels are all about hanging out! Shared kitchens, common areas, and dorm rooms make it easy to meet people, swap stories, and maybe even find a buddy for your next adventure.
  3. Insider Knowledge: Hostel staff are often travelers themselves and know the area well. They can hook you up with cool activities, local spots, and maybe even free walking tours.

For travelers willing to embrace the social side and a no-frills approach, hostels can be a surprisingly awesome and affordable way to travel.

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Mid-Tier Hotels

Hotel Room

While our poll focused on the mainstays, one savvy traveler made a great case for those in-between hotels: “Mid hotels, luxury hotels charge for every little thing, and budget hotels can be bad in so many ways.

The mid ones offer the most bang for your buck.”

This is absolutely true! Mid-tier hotels can be the “just right” choice.

You get some nice amenities (think pools, on-site restaurants, etc.) without the sky-high luxury price tag, and often, the rooms are larger and nicer than what you’d find in a budget hotel.

If you like a touch of comfort without breaking the bank, exploring mid-tier options could be a smart move.

  1. Value, Value, Value: Think comfy rooms, included breakfasts, maybe even a pool, all at a price that doesn’t make you cringe.
  2. Consistency Counts: Lots of mid-tier hotels are chains, so you know what you’re getting even in a new city – a reliable and familiar place to rest your head.
  3. More Than Just a Bed: Gyms, pools, business centers…they often offer the extras budget hotels lack, but without the luxury hotel sticker shock.
  4. Location, Location: These hotels tend to be in good locations, making getting around a breeze.

If you want a comfortable stay with some perks, and don’t need the ultimate pampering, a mid-tier hotel could be your perfect travel match.

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Travel Tips and FAQs: Because Choosing a Place to Stay Is Kinda a Big Deal

Fontaine de l’hôtel de ville d’Évreux

Let’s be real, finding the perfect place to crash can make or break your trip.

These tips will help, plus we’ll answer some common questions inspired by our survey crew:

  1. Finding Middle Ground:
    Want comfort without breaking the bank? Mid-tier hotels could be your jam. As one savvy traveler said, “Mid hotels offer the most bang for your buck.” Think – clean rooms, maybe breakfast, and often some nice perks.
  2. Is Luxury Worth the Splurge?
    Okay, let’s say you want to treat yourself. Luxury hotels ARE amazing, but as one person in the survey pointed out, it comes down to “Preferred or what I can afford?”. If it’s a special occasion and you crave pampering, go for it!
  3. Budget Hotels – How to Make Sure They’re Legit:
    No one wants a nasty surprise! Read reviews to see what other guests say about the hotel’s cleanliness and safety. Also, budget hotels in good locations might mean you save a bundle on transportation costs!
  4. Why Vacation Rentals Rock:
    Ever wished your hotel room had a kitchen? Vacation rentals do! Perfect for families, groups, or anyone who wants space and that “feeling like a local” vibe.
  5. Are Hostels Really an Option?
    YES, especially for social butterflies on a budget! Hostels help you meet people, often have fun activities, and are super affordable. As one traveler put it, “Hostels are underrated.”

Hopefully, this helps you make the call on where to stay!

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Wrapping Up: Finding the Right Accommodation for Your Journey

What is your preferred type of accommodation when traveling?
byu/takemoreadventures inpolls

Our Reddit poll was an eye-opener!

It showed that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to finding the perfect place to stay.

From fancy hotels to cozy B&Bs to budget-friendly hostels (and everything in between!), different travelers crave different things.

The best way to make your accommodation decision?

Think about your travel priorities. Is it all about luxury? Sticking to a strict budget? Feeling like a local? Once you know what matters most, you can find a place that fits your vibe.

Now it’s your turn! We’d love to hear about your favorite type of accommodation and why.

Share in the comments below – maybe you’ll inspire someone’s next great getaway!

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