Romantic Getaways: Unforgettable Things to Do in West Virginia for Couples

Romantic Getaways: Unforgettable Things to Do in West Virginia for Couples


Escape from crowded beaches and predictable city breaks, and venture to West Virginia for a different kind of romantic getaway.

Tucked away in the Appalachian Mountains, this state boasts a wild, untamed beauty that promises unforgettable moments.

Picture yourself in cozy cabins nestled in dense forests, surrounded by stunning vistas that provide the perfect backdrop for stolen moments together.

Immerse yourself in historic towns brimming with stories, and experience the thrill of whitewater rafting down roaring rivers. 

Or, simply relax and enjoy quiet evenings by a crackling fireplace.

West Virginia is an often-overlooked destination that delivers a romantic experience like no other.

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Your West Virginia Getaway: Questions Answered

Charles Town, West Virginia

What’s the best time of year for a romantic getaway in West Virginia?

West Virginia is a state that offers unique and enjoyable experiences in every season.

During spring, you can witness the beauty of blooming wildflowers. Summer is perfect for outdoor adventures and exploring the natural beauty of the state.

Fall is a great time to visit as the foliage bursts with stunning colors. In winter, parts of the state become a snowy wonderland, perfect for cozy escapes.

The best time to visit really depends on your desired activities and preferences!

Are there budget-friendly options for couples in West Virginia?


West Virginia offers plenty of ways to enjoy a romantic getaway on a budget. 

Consider these options:

  • Camping and Glamping: Many of West Virginia’s state parks have affordable camping sites, and some offer cozy yurts or glamping experiences.
  • Cabin rentals: Look for smaller cabins or rentals further away from popular tourist destinations for better deals.
  • Self-catering: Prepare some of your meals to save on dining costs.
  • Off-season travel: Visit during shoulder seasons (between peak seasons) for better rates on accommodations.

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Is West Virginia a good destination for couples who like outdoor activities?

West Virginia is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

The state boasts beautiful mountains, forests, and rivers that offer a variety of activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, rock climbing, and whitewater rafting.

Even if you’re a beginner, there are plenty of trails and scenic overlooks that can be easily accessed and enjoyed.

We’d love some history and culture on our trip – does West Virginia offer that?


You can explore historic towns such as Harpers Ferry and Lewisburg to discover West Virginia’s rich past.

You can visit museums, such as the West Virginia State Museum, art galleries, and cultural centers to learn about Appalachian heritage.

Additionally, many towns host lively festivals and events throughout the year!

How do we get around in West Virginia?

If you want to explore West Virginia, having a car is the most convenient option, especially if you plan to visit scenic parks and charming rural towns.

Keep in mind that public transportation is less common outside of major cities.

However, if you prefer not to drive, some resorts and tour companies offer shuttle services.

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New River Gorge National Park & Preserve: A Playground for Adventure

NRG Bridge at the newly designated New River Gorge National Park & Preserve

Recently, this stunning location in southern West Virginia has been designated as a full National Park, showcasing the power and beauty of nature.

The mighty New River flows through the park, carving a deep gorge with picturesque overlooks.

The iconic New River Gorge Bridge, an engineering marvel, is a photographer’s dream and a must-see attraction.

Things to do:

  • Hike, hike, hike! Trails for all levels crisscross the park, from easy riverside paths to challenging treks with panoramic views.
  • Stand atop the world (or at least feel like it). Overlooks like Grandview offer breathtaking vistas of the gorge – perfect for a couple’s selfie.
  • Test your adventurous spirit: Whitewater rafting on the New River offers an adrenaline rush, while rock climbers find plenty of challenges.
  • Slow down and soak it in: Spend a lazy afternoon kayaking or canoeing on calmer sections of the river, watching for wildlife.

What makes it great for couples:

The mix of adventure and serene beauty sets the stage for romance. Pack a picnic, conquer a trail together, or simply sit back and admire the view.

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Blackwater Falls State Park: Where Romance Meets Nature

Blackwater Falls State Park with Fall Frame !

Blackwater Falls State Park is named after its amber-tinted waterfalls that plunge over dramatic rock formations.

It is a tranquil retreat nestled in the Allegheny Mountains, with lush forests and miles of winding trails that create a sense of seclusion, perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of city life.

Things to do:

  • Follow the falls: Easily accessible trails and viewing platforms offer breathtaking views of the park’s namesake waterfall.
  • Explore the trails: Get lost (not literally!) in the park’s extensive trail network, where gentle paths and challenging climbs weave through vibrant foliage.
  • Discover hidden gems: The park boasts smaller but equally charming waterfalls like Elakala Falls and Pendleton Falls.
  • Cozy up: Rent a cabin within the park for a private, romantic retreat, complete with fireplaces and forest views.

What makes it great for couples:

The stunning waterfall provides a picture-perfect backdrop for romantic moments.

Relax and reconnect while strolling along forested trails, or share a quiet picnic surrounded by nature’s beauty.

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Get Cozy in a Cabin: Rustic Charm and Mountain Views

Camp Russel at Oglebay Park in West Virginia

There’s something undeniably romantic about a cabin getaway in West Virginia.

Imagine cozy evenings under the stars by a crackling fireplace, and perhaps even a luxurious hot tub with mountain views.

Picture waking up to birds singing and the scent of pine, with complete privacy to relax and focus on each other.

From luxurious cabins to unique vacation stays that can’t be found anywhere else, West Virginia has it all.

These destinations are spread throughout the state’s many state parks and national forests, offering some of the most peaceful spots in “Almost Heaven”.

Whether your taste in cabin stays leans toward luxury or quirkiness, you will find a rental that will make you wish you could stay forever.

West Virginia offers a fantastic range of cabin options to suit all tastes:
  • Secluded forest hideaways: Nestled deep in the Monongahela National Forest, these cabins offer the ultimate escape. Hike right from your doorstep, and spend your evenings with nothing but nature as your company.
  • Luxury cabins near attractions: Enjoy the best of both worlds – explore West Virginia’s parks and towns during the day, and retreat to a cabin with modern amenities and upscale comforts in the evenings.

What makes them great for couples:

  • Cabins provide an intimate escape, perfect for fostering connection away from the distractions of everyday life.
  •  The cozy setting, flickering fireplaces, and stunning views create a naturally romantic atmosphere.
  • Whether snuggling up by the fire or exploring nearby trails, a cabin getaway offers plenty of opportunities for bonding.

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Harpers Ferry: Where History Meets Romance

Harpers Ferry & Potomac River Overlook

Harpers Ferry is a charming town situated at the junction of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers.

The town is renowned for its rich history and played a significant role in the Civil War and John Brown’s famous raid.

For history enthusiasts, Harpers Ferry is a must-visit destination as it offers a window into the nation’s tumultuous past.

However, the town’s scenic location amidst rolling hills also makes it an unexpectedly romantic spot to visit.

Things to do:

  • Explore Harpers Ferry National Historical Park: Hike to historic sites, visit museums, and walk the charming streets lined with restored 19th-century buildings.
  • Take in the views: Hike to Jefferson Rock for sweeping vistas of the river confluence, or stroll along the Appalachian Trail.
  • Enjoy the small-town charm: Browse quaint shops, grab a bite at a riverside cafe, or indulge in a romantic dinner at one of the town’s cozy restaurants.

What makes it great for couples:

  • Discover Harpers Ferry’s rich history together, fostering a sense of connection through shared knowledge.
  • The scenic beauty provides a romantic backdrop for leisurely walks or moments of quiet reflection.
  • Harpers Ferry offers the perfect mix of historical exploration and intimate experiences, making it a well-rounded couples’ getaway.

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Lewisburg: Small-Town Charm and Cultural Delights

Downtown Lewisburg West Virginia

Lewisburg, named “America’s Coolest Small Town,” blends historic charm, artistic flair, and a welcoming small-town atmosphere.

Explore a vibrant downtown filled with independent shops and unique finds tucked into beautifully preserved buildings.

Things to do:

  • Get lost in quaint shops: Browse boutiques, antique stores, bookstores, and more, perfect for discovering one-of-a-kind gifts or souvenirs.
  • Gallery hop: Lewisburg boasts a vibrant art scene. Take a leisurely walk and enjoy the town’s numerous art galleries.
  • Savor local flavors: From cozy cafes to upscale restaurants, Lewisburg offers plenty of dining options to satisfy your taste buds.
  • Attend a cultural event: Check out the town’s calendar for events like concerts, art shows, or lively festivals.

What makes it great for couples:

  • Lewisburg invites you to slow down and enjoy each other’s company while wandering its picturesque streets.
  • Discover unique finds and special treasures together, whether it’s quirky vintage items or handmade art pieces.
  • Culinary experiences: Sharing delicious meals and perhaps a delectable dessert creates a sense of indulgence.
  • A sense of discovery: Lewisburg has hidden gems waiting to be explored, fostering a sense of shared adventure.

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Berkeley Springs: A Spa Town for Romance

Berkeley Springs State Park (2)

Berkeley Springs is known as the first spa in the country and has been a wellness destination for centuries.

The warm mineral springs of the town are said to provide healing properties, creating an ambiance of relaxation and rejuvenation.

The town is charming and inviting, making it the perfect escape for couples seeking to unwind.

Things to do:

  • Indulge in spa treatments: Berkeley Springs boasts several spas offering massages, mineral baths, and other luxurious treatments – perfect for side-by-side pampering.
  • Stroll through Berkeley Springs State Park: Located in the heart of town, the park features the historic Roman Bathhouse and the springs themselves.
  • Explore unique shops and galleries: The town has a thriving arts and crafts scene – browse together for special finds.
  • Enjoy a romantic dinner: From cozy cafes to more upscale dining experiences, Berkeley Springs offers culinary options for a special meal.

What makes it great for couples:

  • The spa-centric atmosphere encourages couples to shed stress and focus on each other.
  • Spa treatments enjoyed together promote a sense of connection and shared wellness experience.
  • The town’s walkability and quaint setting create a romantic backdrop for leisurely strolls and quiet moments.
  • Escape the everyday and return feeling refreshed, both individually and as a couple.

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The Greenbrier: A Timeless Classic

The Greenbrier Hole 1

Nestled in the Allegheny Mountains, The Greenbrier is a National Historic Landmark synonymous with elegance and tradition.

With its sweeping white facade, grand interiors, and over 240 years of history, it exudes a sense of timeless romance.

Things to do:

  • Endless activities: Golf on championship courses, try your hand at falconry, go horseback riding, enjoy off-road adventures, and so much more.
  • World-class spa: Unwind with luxurious spa treatments, mineral baths, and access to the resort’s exclusive spa amenities.
  • Exquisite dining: Choose from over a dozen restaurants and cafes, offering everything from gourmet cuisine to relaxed fare.
  • Explore the historic property: Take a tour of the hotel’s famous bunker, wander the impeccably manicured grounds, or simply soak in the ambiance.

What makes it great for couples:

  • The Greenbrier is the perfect place to splurge and treat yourselves to a truly special experience.
  • With so much to offer, you’ll find something to suit both of your interests and create lasting memories together.
  • The resort’s grand setting and old-world charm create a magical backdrop for a romantic escape.
  • Leave the stresses of everyday life behind and focus fully on each other in this beautiful setting. A chance to disconnect and reconnect: 

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Snowshoe Mountain: Mountaintop Adventure and Relaxation

Winter Hikers Snowshoe 2018

Snowshoe Mountain Resort, perched atop one of the highest peaks in the Allegheny Mountains, offers a unique blend of outdoor adventure and cozy mountain escapes.

It’s particularly well-known for its winter sports, but Snowshoe offers plenty to enjoy year-round.

Things to do:

  • Hit the slopes: Ski or snowboard on Snowshoe’s extensive and varied terrain, suitable for all levels.
  • Explore beyond the winter season: Hike or mountain bike scenic trails, go for a dip in the lake, or take a scenic chairlift ride.
  • Unwind in the village: Relax and enjoy the après-ski atmosphere, treat yourselves to spa treatments, or savor a delicious meal with mountain views.
  • Cozy up: Choose from various lodging options, including ski-in/ski-out condos and romantic mountain cabins.

What makes it great for couples:

  • Conquer the slopes together and create lasting memories on adventurous outings.
  • Après-ski relaxation. Warm up in a hot tub, indulge in a couple’s massage, or simply snuggle by the fire.
  • Snowshoe’s unique location offers stunning views and a sense of escape from the everyday.
  • Whether you crave winter adventures or summer escapes, Snowshoe caters to couples year-round.

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Cass Scenic Railroad: Journey into the Heart of History

Experience the magic of steam locomotives aboard the Cass Scenic Railroad, as it winds through the stunning mountain wilderness of West Virginia, offering a touch of nostalgia and breathtaking views.

Things to do:

  • Ride the rails: Choose from various train excursions, including trips up to the scenic Bald Knob overlook, the third-highest peak in West Virginia.
  • Learn about logging history: Discover the railroad’s role in the region’s logging past and admire the well-preserved steam locomotives.
  • Explore the town of Cass: This charming company town retains its historic feel – it’s perfect for a stroll and a bite to eat.
  • Pack a picnic lunch: Some excursions offer the option to enjoy a picnic at the top, adding a romantic touch.

What makes it great for couples:

  • The beauty of the journey and the historic charm of the trains create a unique experience for bonding.
  • There’s something inherently romantic about old train journeys, fostering a connection to a simpler time.
  • Put away the phones and enjoy the scenery and each other’s company.
  •  Snuggle on the cozy train ride and share the stunning views together.

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For the Adventurous Couple: Whitewater Rafting on the New River & Exploring Caves at Smoke Hole Caverns

Smoke Hole Caverns

West Virginia offers thrilling experiences for adventurous couples, ranging from whitewater rafting to exploring underground wonders, creating unforgettable memories together.

Things to do:

  • Raft the legendary New River: Conquer thrilling whitewater rapids on the New River, with outfitters catering to all experience levels.
  • Challenge yourself with rock climbing: Test your skills on the rock formations at Seneca Rocks or other climbing locations in the state.
  • Go underground in Smoke Hole Caverns: Explore a stunning cave system filled with intricate formations and a touch of mystery.

What makes them great for couples:

  • Overcoming obstacles together strengthens your connection and creates a sense of achievement.
  • These exciting activities leave you with thrilling stories to share for years to come.
  • Stepping outside your comfort zones adds an extra layer of excitement to your romantic getaway.
  • Not every couple’s getaway includes whitewater rafting or cave explorations, making yours even more special!
Important Note:

Ensure both of you are comfortable with the activity levels before booking. 

Safety should be the top priority on these adventures!

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Canaan Valley, Dolly Sods & Seneca Rocks: West Virginia’s Unique Wonders

Canaan Valley:

Canaan Valley Resort Golf Course

Canaan Valley is a high-altitude valley offers a mix of rolling hills, lush meadows, and dense forests. In the winter, it transforms into a snowy playground for outdoor enthusiasts.

Things to do:
  • Ski or snowboard at Canaan Valley Resort or Timberline Mountain.
  • Year-round hiking and biking trails for all levels.
  • Scenic drives with breathtaking views

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Dolly Sods:

Dolly Sods Sunrise

A windswept plateau with stunning rock formations and unique plant life. This otherworldly landscape feels far removed from the rest of West Virginia.

Things to do:
  • Challenging hikes across the vast wilderness area
  • Discover unique ecosystems – remnants of the last Ice Age
  • Stargazing opportunities in an area with minimal light pollution

Seneca Rocks:

Seneca Rocks, West Virginia

These dramatic rock fins jutting out of the mountains are a sight to behold and a climber’s paradise.

Things to do:
  • Rock climbing and rappelling (for experienced climbers)
  • Hike to scenic overlooks for breathtaking views
  • Visit the Seneca Rocks Discovery Center to learn about the area’s geology and history

What makes them great for couples:

  • Unforgettable Landscapes: These landscapes offer a sense of awe and adventure, perfect for sharing with someone special.
  • Diverse Activities: Cater to different activity levels – challenging hikes or scenic overlooks
  • Sense of Solitude: Dolly Sods, in particular, can feel remote and special, offering a chance to unplug and focus on each other.

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Cooper's Rock in West Virginia

West Virginia offers a promise of unforgettable romantic experiences, from cozy cabin retreats surrounded by vibrant fall foliage to thrilling adventures on a roaring river.

Whether you’re looking for relaxation in a luxurious resort or an exciting exploration of the state’s wild beauty, West Virginia caters to every couple’s desires.

So, if you’re ready to move away from the usual getaway and discover a hidden gem filled with charm and endless possibilities, start planning your romantic escape to West Virginia today.

It might just be the perfect surprise for that special someone in your life.

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