Latest 2024 travel accessories and gadgets explored including my latest hand baggage find

Latest 2024 travel accessories and gadgets explored including my latest hand baggage find

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With the main travel season of the year now firmly upon us, I thought it was worth a look at my latest purchases and favourite travel gadgets that you may want to get for your trip.


New hand luggage – a convertible backpack/wheeled bag

I hate a bus gate or using the steps with a heavy bag. I have a knee problem, and carrying a heavy bag up and down the steps is not easy. I find it much easier to use a backpack, but that can be heavy to lug around an airport or stand with in a queue. So, I did some research and found my latest favourite hand baggage in the form of this clever convertible backpack from Amazon.

It features two wheels and a T-bar handle, so it can be used like a two-wheeled suitcase. However, when you get a bus gate, you simply unzip a compartment to release the back straps and connect them to the base of the bag. Now, you have a backpack. It is comfortable to wear, and I find it so much easier than carrying a heavy bag up the stairs in my hand. 

I was impressed with how the bag is structured with lots of individual compartments so you can find things easily. I can fit as much in here as I can in a normal hand luggage case and I find it easier to locate items thanks to all the pockets.

It has two pockets at the front which are handy for things like a liquids bag, passport or things you want close at hand.

Behind that is a large flat compartment which unzips completely making it easy to get things. This is perfect for files or books.

Then there is the 45 litre main lockable compartment that has a separate laptop pocket that can hold laptops up to 18 inch for the larger size or 17-inch for the smaller version. On each side there is a water bottle holder. The bag weighs a very reasonable 2.4kg as well. 

Available for £64.99 for the larger one or £53.99 for the smaller one from Amazon here.


Mobile phone holder

This is a great alternative to having to your tray table out or holding your mobile phone if you want to watch something on the plane. It can also be used to attach a mobile phone to lots of difference places such as a car, a desk or even a suitcase. The clamp securely attaches to tables, luggage handles, gym equipment, and more. It fits most phone sizes and folds up very small for your bag.

You can find it on Amazon here on offer at £7.99 here.


Mobile phone charger

I love these tiny chargers as you don’t need a lead to connect it to your phone, it charges much faster than the stick-on ones and it is very lightweight. You can continue using your phone as you charge it as well. It contains enough to fully charge most iPhones. 

It is available from Amazon here and is showing a 15% off voucher.


Portable steamer

If, like me, you hate ironing and always find that hotel irons leak over your clothes or leave marks, this is for you. A portable steamer is enough for most clothes and is lightweight. You don’t need an ironing board and can simply run the steamer over the garment on a hanger which helps refresh it as well as getting the creases out. 

This Tefal one costs £39 if you want the best or I have the more reasonably priced £17 generic one here.


Electric toothbrush

I have a separate electric toothbrush for travelling as it takes up less room, weights less and it works on batteries rather than having to recharge it. I have the Sonisk one which works at 31,000 strokes per minute means and has antimicrobial vibrating bristles and a cap to keep it clean. It works on a single AAA battery that lasts for up to 90 days of brushing. 

You can buy it for £13.99 here.


What is your favourite travel gadget or accessory? Let us know in the comments below.



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