How To: Layering up in Style for Your Autumn Travel

How To: Layering up in Style for Your Autumn Travel

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Soon we’ll experience spectacular scenery, cozy weather, and fewer crowds in our favorite travel destinations. So obviously layering up your clothes is one of the best ways to keep warm if needed.

Many places will come alive with festivals, parades, and fun activities (Hello, Pumpkin Patch!). The key to looking fashionable while still having some flexibility for the ever-changing weather is packing lots of layers!

But what do I need for that? You might ask yourself right now.

Since fall travel is one of my biggest passions, I decided to write an awesome guide for fall-fashion looks that will look great in all your travel pics and be comfortable as well.

Let’s get to it!

Which Layers Do I Need To Pack?

Before you pack your bags, let me share with you my tips on how to come up with a wardrobe for that chic autumn look.

Depending on where you go, what you are planning on doing, and what your style preferences are, the contents of your suitcase will look totally different!

Start off by answering these three questions before turning your wardrobe upside down:

🍂 What are your activities?

🍂 Where are you going and what will the weather be like?

🍂 What is your personal style?

These are the three major factors I consider in determining the layers I’m going to bring with me – and you should too.

What Activities Do You Have Planned?

Layering is awesome – mainly because it caters to different travel styles. Most things can be styled and worn for different excursions, tours, and activities.

But it is still necessary to plan out your itineraries before packing. This will help you zero in on the most relevant layers to bring. 

For a simple stroll or relaxed sightseeing, a wool shirt, chinos, a thin cardigan, and lightweight mesh shoes might be enough.

But if you intend to go apple picking or make some pumpkin patch visits you might need some different stuff. A wool shirt, leggings, flannel shirt, fleece vest, sunhat, and sturdy shoes will do well in that setting.

Are you camping or hiking? It’s probably best to wear a Merino wool base layer top and bottom, a midweight sweater, a neck warmer, a beanie, gloves, socks, and hiking boots.

Sabrina’s tip: If photo shootings are on the plan, you might want to bring some cute wool dresses, high-heel boots, and chic scarves. These outfits might not be super practical, but they’ll keep you fashionably dressed for the shoot.

What’s the Average Temperature Range?

One of the biggest things to do before going anywhere is to research typical weather for your destination in the fall.

Autumn weather can fluctuate significantly throughout the season. You might get super sunny days in September, and cold and rainy days in November.

Knowing the average low and high temperatures helps you choose the materials for your layers. It prepares you adequately for unexpected rain showers or chilly mornings.

Most importantly, you can avoid overheating or getting cold.

For warmer autumn days, use fabrics that are breathable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking. Lightweight merino wool can keep you comfortable all day long. Linen gives an airy feel. Organic cotton is gentle against the skin. 

For cooler autumn days, opt for fabrics that can provide insulation and breathability.

Midweight merino wool helps prevent overheating during activity. Fleece offers good warmth and is comfortable to wear. Blends of wool with other natural fibers like cotton or cashmere can offer warmth and a super soft feel!

Sabrina’s tip: one of my most beloved items for fall travel is a good coat. Light trenchcoats and thick-wool coats are always on top of my packing list.

a cute couple in stunning fall fashion kissin in paris under fall foliage

What Is Your Personal Style?

The last thing to consider is your personal style when packing your wardrobe. You’ll probably mostly have items at home that fit your style, but if you want to mix it up a bit for your vacation, here are some things to consider:

🍁 Do you prefer chicness and comfort?

🍁 Do you love playing with textures and materials?

🍁 Would you prefer natural tones or a pop of color here and there?

Don’t worry if you don’t know any of the answers yet.

If you haven’t set your autumn travel look, here are some styles I can share with you.


You may want to focus on neutrals like black, beige, camel, navy, and gray. I especially love earthy tones for fall.

Use pieces that will never go out of style like turtlenecks, trench coats, tailored blazers, button-down shirts, and straight-leg or dark-wash jeans.

Ankle boots and knee-high boots in leather or suede are stylish and practical for fall.

Simple pieces such as pearl earrings, a delicate necklace, and a classic watch can enhance your outfit.

A woman in a light trench coat and grey beanie holds a coffee cup while standing near the River Thames, with Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in the background


If you’re up for an edgy look, try playing with contrasts.

I love pairing light or dark tones with vibrant hues to create a striking look.

Opt for coats with unique patterns, bold colors, or interesting textures like metallic finishes.

Combat boots can add a rebellious touch. Choose chunky necklaces or statement hats to add drama.

The author's wife in vienna in fall fashion travel looks


Opt for comfortable active wear like joggers, athletic hoodies, long-sleeve tees, and lightweight puffer jackets.

You can also go for a mix of comfortable tops, like lightweight fleece zip-ups, and a classic denim jacket.

Include a classic baseball cap or a bright-colored beanie for that sporty vibe.

Choose sneakers or boots for footwear – and your sporty fall layering look is complete!

a pretty girl on a trip layered up


Experiment with warm earthy tones like mustard yellow, burnt orange, deep red, olive green, and brown.

Add vibrant accents with turquoise or magenta.

Try wide-leg pants, maxi skirts, or high-waisted jeans. Combine different textures like knitwear, lace, denim, and suede to add depth to your look. 

A stylish woman in a burnt orange coat, blue sweater, and wide-brimmed hat enjoys an autumn day surrounded by vibrant orange foliage.

How To Perfect That Layered Autumn Look

Over the years, I’ve acquired the skill of layering through mistakes and experimentation.

What I’ve realized is that it’s all about expressing yourself and seeing yourself becoming part of the scenery.

The season itself is already an amazing background and I just need to figure out the textures and depths I want to apply. It’s just like painting!

I have come up with five different techniques for layering up – and I am gonna share them with you here.

Layer Up With Intention!

While styling is important, there are also other necessary things you need to consider.

The intention behind layering up your wardrobe should be about the travel purpose, the changing temperatures, the activity level, mobility, comfort, and functionality.

Here are a couple of tips to get it right from the start!

Choose Your Base Wisely!

This is the foundation of your outfit.

You may want to look into how you’ll be able to manage moisture, regulate temperature, and feel good the whole day.

Your base should be thin, breathable, and moisture-wicking.

Make sure it’s also versatile so you can save time, money, and space in your luggage.

Sabrina’s tip: I usually get plain white or black shirts for that purpose.

Find Balance in Proportions!

Proportions can create a visually appealing look.

Try to accentuate your favorite features so you can have that flattering silhouette.

For example, if you’re on the petite side (like me), you may want to go for a high-waisted skirt for an illusion of height.

Pairing a slim-fit top with loose-fitting bottoms or balancing long layers with shorter pieces is a good practice, too. 

Make sure to look up your body type to know what will fit you best!

Embrace the Unexpected!

Weather conditions can change quickly in autumn.

Be prepared to add or remove layers throughout your trip.

Use outfits that will allow you to easily adjust to a temperature drop or increase. Have fun with some mix and match – that’s the biggest perk of layering outfits for fall travel.

Wear It With Confidence!

As cliche as it may sound, confidence is one essential key to having that perfect layered fall travel look.

It all boils down to how you carry yourself, whether it’s the conventional look or an edgy vibe.

All of us have imperfections and it’s just a matter of highlighting our best assets.

Stylish Layering Ideas for Autumn Trips

Over time, I was able to refine my style and got satisfied with the look that I can say is truly my own.

Here are some key pieces and clever combinations that I’d like to share with you.

Feel free to explore and try these stylish layering ideas for your fall trip this year.

Elegant and Sophisticated

Base Layer: Silk or satin blouse

Middle Layer: Cashmere cardigan or fine knit sweater

Outer Layer: Tailored overcoat or wrap coat

Bottoms: Pleated skirt or tailored pants

Shoes: Heeled ankle boots or loafers

Accessories: Statement necklace, leather gloves, and a clutch bag

Layered Dress Look

Base Layer: Long-sleeve thermal or fitted top.

Middle Layer: Slip dress or pinafore dress.

Outer Layer: Long cardigan or duster coat.

Bottoms: Opaque tights or leggings.

Shoes: Ankle boots or knee-high boots.

Accessories: Belt to cinch the waist, layered bracelets, and a tote bag.

Urban Explorer

Base Layer: Striped or solid turtleneck

Middle Layer: Blazer or fitted jacket

Outer Layer: Long wool coat or trench coat

Bottoms: Straight-leg jeans or chinos

Shoes: Chelsea boots or stylish sneakers

Accessories: Scarf, backpack, and sunglasses

Conclusion: Layering Up For Autumn Travel

Each of these looks can be adapted according to personal style and the specific travel fall destination.

Just make sure to balance comfort, functionality, and style to make the most of your autumn travels.

As they say, fall is a time of change and transition. Stay warm, look great, enjoy the season, and be confident in your overall style!

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