How Expensive is Santorini? Experience Luxury While Paying Less!

How Expensive is Santorini? Experience Luxury While Paying Less!

sunset over Santorini taken from Imerovigli village

Are you wondering about how expensive a vacation in Santorini is? Then you are in the right spot.

We have been to Santorini many times and even got married there. Most people immediately ask how much our vacation cost us – because Santorini sure does have a reputation as being expensive.

Truth be told: yes, Santorini is expensive, if you don’t know where to go. But we also know that you can have an

Luckily for you, we’ve found out how to have a luxury experience without breaking the bank!

In this post, we’ll discuss how much money you’ll need for a vacation in Santorini, and how to have a great time without budgeting too much.

Let’s get to it!

Table of Contents

  • Is Santorini Expensive?
  • How Expensive is Santorini Exactly?
    • Hotels

      • Average Hotel Cost – Suite With Hot Tub

      • Average Hotel Cost – Double Room/Studio With Balcony
      • Average Hotel Cost – Off Season
    • Restaurants
      • Fine Dining

    • Traditional Greek Taverns and Hidden Gems
    • Excursions and Day Trips
  • How Much Should I Budget for Santorini?
    • Suite With Hot Tub, Fancy Dinners, Multiple Excursions (2 People)

    • Double Room/Studio, Casual Dinners, Fewer Excursions (2 People)
  • Is Santorini More Expensive Than Mykonos?
  • Conclusion: How Expensive Is Santorini?
  • About the Author

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Is Santorini Expensive?

If you are here for a quick answer to the question “Is Santorini expensive” then you are in the right spot. And the answer is: not really!

Now, hear me out, that is not what most people will tell you. Yes, Santorini is more expensive than the other Greek islands.

So it kind of depends on where you come from and what your standards are. Since most visitors to Santorini are either European or American, let’s focus on that.

For most Europeans, Santorini will feel like an expensive place to be. The reason is that the most popular holiday destinations in Europe are quite a bit cheaper.

For Americans on the other hand, Santorini will not feel too expensive. The prices compare very much to typical American prices, even outside popular tourist destinations. You don’t need to tip 20 % and there are no resort fees in Santorini, which makes it relatively cheap even.

Lastly, the biggest reason why many people feel like Santorini is expensive is because they only check out Oia. Hotels, restaurants, and shops in that area are horribly overpriced. The good news is, that you can avoid it all together and have a luxurious vacation without breaking the bank.

The authors wife posing in Santorini in Oia, one of the most expensive places on the island

How Expensive is Santorini Exactly?

If you are intrigued now and want some more details on how much money you’ll actually need for your vacation, look no further. I’d be happy to break down the average cost of a vacation in Santorini for you.

In this chapter, we’ll look at hotels, restaurants, and tours – and compare the average cost in low-season and high-season.

Since this is not a budget-travel site, I’ll not discuss the lower end of the price spectrum in this post. But you can rest assured, that there are definitely some super cheap offers as well.


The price of the hotel is probably gonna make up the biggest part of the budget. And the prices really depend so much on what town you choose to stay in.

I suggest to avoid Oia at all costs if you want to save money. It is horribly overpriced and overrun, so unless you get a really private (and more expensive) hotel you’ll have to share the view with foot traffic behind your balcony.

Justin’s tip: We always stay in Megalochori, at Azanti Suites (pictures below). We get all the luxury and the view – for half the price!

Average Hotel Cost – Suite With Hot Tub

So let’s look at the typical prices for a couple of different lodging options for the high season in detail:

Suite in Oia With Outdoor Hot Tub and View: Maregio Suites 4 * – USD 840,00 per night

Suite in Megalochori with Outdoor Hot Tub and View: Azanti Suites 3 * – USD 385,00 per night

Suite in Firostefani with Outdoor Hot Tub and View: Agali Houses 4 * – USD 496,00 per night

Average Hotel Cost – Double Room/Studio With Balcony

As you can see for this category as well, prices in Oia are far higher than on other parts of the island. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide if it is worth the money for you.

Justin’s tip: if you are craving a beach vacation, Kamari is the place to be! If you are more interested in exploring cute little villages, check out Pyrgos.

So let’s look at the typical prices for a couple of different lodging options for high season in detail:

Pearl Suite Studio With Balcony in Oia: Diamond Luxury Suites 4 * USD 356,00 per night

Double Room Beachfront With Balcony in Kamari: Costa Grand Resort & Spa 5* USD 299,00 per night

Double Room With Balcony and Sea View in Pyrgos: Orizontes Hotel Santorini 4* USD 196,00 per night

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Average Hotel Cost – Off Season

In Santorini, hotel prices drop significantly during the off-season.

You’ll find prices to be about 30-50% cheaper compared to the peak summer months.

The off-season is generally from late October to early April. You’ll still get to enjoy the stunning views and charming atmosphere, but without the high prices and crowds. Some restaurants and hotels might be closed in winter, so keep that in mind.

The best time to go to Santorini (in my opinion) is shoulder season. It is typically from April to early June and September to early October.

Hotel prices in Santorini are usually about 20-30% cheaper compared to the summer months.

It’s an awesome time to visit because the weather is still nice, and it’s less crowded.

the author's wife posing in front of a typical white church with a blue dome


Eating out in Santorini can be pretty expensive, depending on where you go. But it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of luxurious restaurants all over the island that won’t rob you blind.

Fine Dining

We’ll compare food prices for upscale restaurants with a view in five bigger towns in this section.

So let’s take a look at some restaurant prices you can expect in Santorini:

LocationAverage Price for a Meal (per person)Example Dish PriceLocal Wine Bottle PriceExample Restaurant
Oia USD 150 and up Lobster pasta USD 60 USD 130 Catch
Kamari USD 40 – 70 Grilled sea bass: USD 17 USD 25 Mesogaia
Fira USD 120 and up Duck Breast USD 60 USD 120 La Colline
Megalochori USD 40 – 80 Pasta in wine sauce USD 30 USD 30 Olio
Pyrgos USD 60 – 90 Orzo With Crayfish USD 30 USD 60 Pyrgos Restaurant
santorini restaurants at sunset overlooking the caldera pretty expensive restaurant on the island
Pyrgos Restaurant

Traditional Greek Taverns and Hidden Gems

The best way to save some money on food in Santorini is by checking out typical Greek taverns. They serve fantastic food for little money – and sometimes even with an awesome view.

Here’s a quick rundown of what prices you can expect in a Greek tavern in Santorini:

🍽️ Appetizers: Around USD 5-10. Think tzatziki, Greek salad, or stuffed vine leaves.

🍽️ Main Courses: Usually USD 10-20. Options like moussaka, souvlaki, and fresh seafood.

🍽️ Desserts: About USD 5-8. Baklava or yogurt with honey are popular choices.

🍽️ Drinks: Wine and beer can cost between USD 3-6, while soft drinks are about USD 2-4.

Of course, prices can vary based on the tavern’s location and view. Those with stunning sea views might be a bit pricier.

Justin’s favorites: Tavern Alexander in Kamari, Tavern Mythos in Pyrgos and Penelope’s View in Pyrgos are the best hidden-gem taverns!

Excursions and Day Trips

Santorini has a lot of different experiences and tours on offer.

You can enjoy a bunch of different excursions like sunset sails, tasting tours, volcanic hikes, and beach trips. There are also lots of photo tours and guided walks on offer.

All in all, the prices compare pretty much to US prices. Private tours are slightly more expensive, but if you bring more than two people it usually pays off.

Here is an overview of popular activities:

ActivityTypical Price Range
Sunset Sails USD 120 per person
Full-Day Tours USD 80 per person
Museum Tickets USD 5-15 per person
Private Tours USD 300-600 (total)
Flying Dress Photoshoot USD 350 per session
Tasting Tour USD 130 per person
Guided Walk USD 50 per person

Justin’s tip: if budget is an issue and you can only do one of these activities – pick the Sunset Sail. It is the most special experience, and you’ll get to see the volcano and swim in the hot springs.

How Much Should I Budget for Santorini?

This question is a bit more difficult to answer because most people have different tastes in hotels and restaurants.

Also, the price range in Santorini is pretty big, especially for hotels. For this reason, I have here a couple of scenarios that will give you an indication of how much money you’ll need in Santorini.

Suite With Hot Tub, Fancy Dinners, Multiple Excursions (2 People)

This table will show you the approximate cost of a luxurious vacation in Santorini.

I have assumed that you’ll either stay in Oia or in a different village, each time in a suite with a hot tub.

We are also assuming that you’ll have a nice dinner every evening and a fantastic lunch. I have also estimated one excursion every other day.

I have also assumed that you’ll have some sort of transportation on the island as well as miscellaneous costs like souvenirs, museum entries, or others.

Category3 Nights (Oia)3 Nights (Other Village)5 Nights (Oia)5 Nights (Other Village)7 Nights (Oia)7 Nights (Other Village)
Accommodation $2,400 $1,050 $4,000 $1,750 $5,600 $2,450
Dinners $480 $480 $800 $800 $1,120 $1,120
Lunches $210 $210 $350 $350 $490 $490
Excursions $400 $400 $600 $600 $800 $800
Rental Car/Taxi/Private Driver $200 $200 $350 $350 $550 $550
Miscellaneous $300 $300 $500 $500 $700 $700
Total $4,090 $2,740 $6,750 $4,500 $9,410 $6,260

Double Room/Studio, Casual Dinners, Fewer Excursions (2 People)

This table will show you the cost of a stay in Santorini for a more toned-down vacation.

You’ll stay in a double room with a balcony in a nice hotel, enjoy some casual dinners and do a few excursions.

Explore the island with an ATV and set aside a little money for miscellaneous stuff like souvenirs.

Category3 Nights (Oia)3 Nights (Other Village)5 Nights (Oia)5 Nights (Other Village)7 Nights (Oia)7 Nights (Other Village)
Accommodation $1,050 $750 $1,750 $1,250 $2,450 $1,750
Dinners $240 $240 $400 $400 $560 $560
Lunches $120 $120 $200 $200 $280 $280
Excursions $200 $200 $200 $200 $400 $400
Rental Car $210 $210 $350 $350 $490 $490
Miscellaneous $150 $150 $250 $250 $350 $350
Total $1,970 $1,670 $3,150 $2,650 $4,530 $3,830

Is Santorini More Expensive Than Mykonos?

Comparing the costs between Santorini and Mykonos will show some differences, but overall the price range is pretty similar.

Mykonos is famous for its upscale accommodations near Mykonos Town and on the popular beaches. Luxury hotels and villas can cost between $400 and $1,200 per night. This is pretty similar to what we see in Santorini.

Budget accommodations are also available, starting at $150 to $300 per night. Again, no difference to Santorini.

Dining in Mykonos follows a similar pattern to Santorini, with high-end dining options costing about $50 to $100 per person and more casual dining costing around $20 to $40 per person.

Mykonos does have higher prices for nightlife and beach club entries.

Overall, both islands are pricey. But Mykonos is generally considered slightly more expensive.

Conclusion: How Expensive Is Santorini?

In this post, we’ve taken a deep dive into the cost of going to Santorini.

The biggest revelation of this post has been, that you can save a lot of money by simply avoiding the town of Oia for hotels and restaurants.

There are so many luxurious hotels and restaurants outside of Oia that offer the same services, for a lot less money.

So to sum it up, Santorini can be affordable, if you know your way around the island.

Especially for American tourists, the price level is not going to be too shocking. That is mainly due to the fact that you don’t have to tip 20 % and there are no hidden resort fees etc.

Compared to other Greek islands, Santorini is more expensive. Of course, this does not include Mykonos, the only island that is slightly more expensive.

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