British Airways Club Suites: how many aircraft have it and on which routes? Plus how to check if your flight does

British Airways Club Suites: how many aircraft have it and on which routes? Plus how to check if your flight does

New BA Club Suite on the A350-1000

How many aircraft have the new Club Suites?

MicheleMe on BA’s first A350 with Club Suites

British Airways originally planned to have 100% of the fleet fitted with Club Suites by 2025 and 100% of the Heathrow B777 fleet fitted by the end of 2022. This obviously didn’t happen, so where are we now with the Club Suites roll out?

At the last Investor Day in November 2023, BA gave the end of 2026 as the target for the full Heathrow Club Suite rollout. No date has been assigned to Gatwick. The A380s are due to be the last of the BA aircraft to get them.


A total of 66 out of 114 aircraft currently in service at Heathrow are fitted with Club Suites. This makes it a 58% chance of getting Club Suites on a Heathrow route, which is a bit depressing after almost 5 years since they revealed their first aircraft with Club Suites. However, at least now, if you fly the B777s (my least favorite aircraft type) from Heathrow, you have an ~85% chance of getting Club Suites. 

Here is the breakdown by type:

  • A350 – all aircraft come with Club Suites (18/18 aircraft delivered) (Review of A350 Club Suite here)
  • B787-10 – all aircraft come with Club Suites (7/12 aircraft delivered with 5 more due in 2024 and a further 6 Boeing 787-10 to be delivered between 2025 and 2026 (Review of B787-10 Club Suite here)
  • B787-8 and B787-9 – none fitted out of 12 and 18, respectively. B787-8s are due to start fitting after last of B777s in 2024. B787-9 are due to start refits in early 2025.
  • B777-200ER Heathrow – 28 Aircraft with 3 left to fit (review of B777 Club Suite here)
  • B777-300ER – 13 aircraft fitted with 3 remaining to be fitted 
  • A380 – none fitted out of 12. Due to be fitted last, probably in 2026.



There is a slim chance of getting one at Gatwick as no Gatwick aircraft are being fitted or have a date to be fitted. However, BA do sometimes move one aircraft to Gatwick with Club Suites. 

  • B777-200ER Gatwick – 0 aircraft with 15 remaining


How to find out which flights have Club Suites

You can check the aircraft type as all A350 have Club Suites. However, it doesn’t specify the exact aircraft type for ones where the more recent aircraft do have Club Suites like the B787-10 versus the B787-8 and B787-9. So you will have to do some more digging. If you are booking in New York, then BA is pretty much guaranteed to have Club Suites on JFK and Newark from Heathrow, but obviously, there can be last-minute substitutes if an aircraft goes tech. You can use a service such as Expert Flyer to set up alerts about seat changes.

When booking a flight on it will usually offer you a chance to book the seat for cash tickets. So you can make a dummy booking to check beforehand. You are looking for four seats across to indicate that it has Club Suites. 

A quicker way to do research is to use Google flights. Simply search for flights (you can filter by British Airways) and look for “Individual Suite” not lie flat seat. 


Which routes are you likely to find Club Suites on?

Club Suite

The following list is for summer 2024 and winter 24/25 schedules and is still subject to changes and last-minute substitutions. The winter schedules could still change aircraft type particularly. If you booked a Club Suite and get a seat change notification or a time change, check the seat map to see if the aircraft has changed back to old Club World.


  • Abuja: BA82/BA83
  • Accra: BA78/BA81
  • Cape Town: BA58/BA59 and BA42/43
  • Johannesburg (not November and December): BA55/54
  • Lagos: BA74/75
  • Nairobi: BA64/65


  • Bangalore: BA118/119
  • Beijing: BA88/89 summer schedule only
  • Hong Kong: BA31/32 summer schedule only
  • Male (Maldives) BA60/61 winter schedule only
  • Mumbai: Varying flight numbers on B777s – up 2 to 3 out of 3 flights per day
  • Singapore: Varying flight numbers on B777 winter schedule only
  • Tokyo: Varying flight numbers onA350 summer schedule only

Middle East

  • Bahrain: BA124/125 winter schedule only
  • Dubai: Varying flight numbers on B777s
  • Doha: BA122/123 and BA126/127
  • Kuwait: BA156/157
  • Riyadh: BA262/263

North America (starting dates mentioned)

  • Atlanta: BA226/227  winter schedule only
  • Austin: BA190/191
  • Bermuda: BA158/159
  • Boston: BA202/203 and BA238/239
  • Chicago: Varying flight numbers on B777 or B787-10s
  • Denver: BA219/218
  • Houston: BA194/195
  • Las Vegas: BA274/275
  • Los Angeles: BA280/281 and BA282/283
  • Nashville: BA222/223
  • Nassau and Grand Cayman: BA253/252 on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays
  • New York (JFK/EWR): All flights
  • Philadelphia: BA66/67
  • Phoenix: BA288/289
  • Portland: Varying flight numbers in July and Winter schedule
  • San Diego: BA272/273
  • San Francisco: BA286/287
  • Seattle: BA48/49 and BA52/53
  • Toronto: BA92/93 and BA98/99
  • Washington: Varying flight numbers
  • Vancouver: BA84/85

South America

  • São Paulo and Buenos Aires: BA246/247

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