Awesome 7 Days in Santorini Itinerary: The Best of the Island

Awesome 7 Days in Santorini Itinerary: The Best of the Island

the author's wife sitting on a wall in santorini oia with a stunning view of some white houses in the background an beautiful flowers

Are you looking for a 7-day Santorini itinerary? Then you are in the right spot!

A week is the perfect amount of time to spend in Santorini – you can see everything the island has to offer without being in a rush.

But planning a holiday in Santorini can be such a hassle, and there are so many tourist traps out there that are not worth the money.

Luckily for you, my wife and I have been to Santorini many times – and we usually stay for about a week.

In this post, I’ll share our ultimate itinerary for spending 7 days in Santorini.

Let’s get to it!

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7 Days in Santorini Itinerary – at a Glance

🌺 Day 1: Arrival, Dinner in Pyrgos

🌺 Day 2: Thira, Kamari Beach, Outdoor Cinema

🌺 Day 3: Oia, Sunset Sail

🌺 Day 4: Pyrgos, Megalochori, Mount Profitis Ilias

🌺 Day 5: Imerovigli, Firostefani, Black Beach

🌺 Day 6: Ancient Thera, Try Local Products

🌺 Day 7: Perissa Beach or Day Tour

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Day 1: Arrival and Dinner in Pyrgos

Depending on your arrival time, you’ll want some time to explore your hotel, unpack, and unwind after a long flight.

Check out your hotel pool and spend the day lazily in the sun, before getting ready for a special dinner.

Pyrgos Restaurant in Pyrgos is the ideal spot for a first dinner in Santorini. The beautiful restaurant has an amazing view over the caldera and the sunset – and the food is to die for.

The restaurant is a little upscale without being overpriced – and the island decor is super charming. I promise this dinner will get you in the mood for your vacation.

I suggest ordering the sea bass seviche, followed by the “Skioufihta” Cretan pasta and the chocolate tiramisu.

stunning pyrgos restaurant with a view of the entire island in the glass window
picture credit: Pyrgos Restaurant

Day 2: Thira, Kamari Beach, and Outdoor Cinema


Thira (or Fira) is the beautiful capital city of Santorini. The best time to explore Thira is in the morning because it is usually quiet and you can enjoy the town without all the people.

Thira is not too big, so you can easily explore the town on foot. You’ll find beautiful small alleys with cute (but pricey) stores and stunning views over the ocean.

As for other activities in Thira, you should check out the Folklore Museum, the Santorini Cable Car or the Prehistoric Thera Museum.

Justin’s tip: After all that exploring, you’ll likely be hungry and I got the absolute best spot for lunch in Thira with a view: the Nektar Lounge! My wife is obsessed with the pancakes there, but they are pretty mighty. I prefer the chicken gyros.

Kamari Beach

In the afternoon, head over to Kamari Beach. It is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and let yourself be spoiled at one of the many beach clubs.

What makes Kamari Beach so special is, that it is a black sand beach with lots of volcanic pebbles. That gives the beach such an interesting look.

You can do a lot of things in Kamari. Go snorkeling, walk down the boulevard and get some souvenirs, or just relax in the sun.

Justin’s tip: have dinner in Kamari! Check out Tavern Alexander for an awesome (traditional) experience and some great food.

Open Air Cinema in Kamari

After dinner, it is time for a movie! The Open Air Cinema is the perfect spot for a nice and unique date night on the island.

They usually play Mamma Mia, but there are also a few other movies they are rotating through. It is definitely an awesome experience that you shouldn’t miss when spending a week in Santorini.

Day 3: Oia, Sunset Sail


For most people, Oia is the highlight of their trip to Santorini. The beautiful town has the most stunning views of white houses perched on the cliffs, blue-dome churches, and stunning pink flowers. And, of course, the Aegean Sea in the background.

The bad news? Oia is so crowded. Most people flock there, especially around sunset time. There are some beautiful sunset spots in Oia, but overall I find it overrated.

For this reason, I suggest visiting Oia early in the morning. We had a lovely time strolling around the small alleys, taking some pictures, and enjoying the scenery.

Lunch tip: check out cute lunch spots in Oia, like KooKoo Bar and Restaurant. If you are up for an adventure, walk down the steps to Amoudi Bay for fresh fish.

Afternoon/Sunset Sail

If you only book one excursion or activity in Santorini, it needs to be a catamaran trip around the island. They are truly worth the money, the experience is priceless.

I booked this experience for us, and I can totally recommend it:

Santorini Luxury Cruise with Greek Meal – Morning and Sunset

These boat tours will take you to stunning places like Red Beach, White Beach, and Nea Kameni hot springs.

After a nice afternoon of sailing, you’ll get some delicious Greek BBQ food before heading back to Oia for sunset from the water. It is definitely a sight to behold!

Day 4: Pyrgos, Megalochori and Mount Profitis Ilias


Let’s start our next day of this Santorini one-week itinerary off in Pyrgos. Pyrgos is one of my favorite villages in Santorini. It is just as beautiful as Oia, but a lot less crowded.

Once you arrive in Pyrgos, make your way up to Pyrgos Kallistis castle. It is a beautiful hike through small alleys and you’ll walk by some stunning white-washed houses and blue domes.

From the castle, you’ll have an amazing view of the island. Buy some local souvenirs from the small shops there, they are so nice.

Justin’s tip: on your way down, stop by Penelope’s View for some delicious food.


In the late afternoon, head to the small village of Megalochori. It is just as beautiful as Pyrgos but with a slightly different vibe.

Megalochori is an awesome spot for a photo shoot as well – make sure to bring your camera! Blue-dome churches and cute white houses as far as the eye can see. It is one of the most instagrammable spots in Santorini.

Check out the famous bell tower, find the hidden Santorini heart, and discover the secret underground caves. Of course, you should have a glass of Vinsanto while you are there.

Justin’s tip: For dinner, head to the main square and check out Olio Megalochori. It has been a while since I have been there, but I am still missing their delicious pasta dishes.

Sunset: Mount Profitis Ilias

For a stunning sunset, drive up Mount Profitis Ilias after your dinner. Just follow the road up from Pyrgos village and you’ll reach a stunning spot.

It is a little windy there, but the views are incomparable – and there are no crowds at all. This is one of the best sunset spots in Santorini.

stunning sunset view of the entire island of Santorini from this hiddden spot at Mount Profitis Ilias

Day 5: Imerovigli, Firostefani and Black Beach

Imerovigli and Firostefani

Imerovigli and Firostefani are two beautiful villages perched on the cliffside of Santorini. Both of them need to be on your 7-day Santorini itinerary.

If you want to take a bigger hike, you can visit both villages on the Fira to Oia trail. But of course, you can also just drive to the villages with your rental car or ATV.

What’s beautiful about Imerovigli is the stunning view of Skaros Rock. You could even hike there if you felt like it.

There are lots of great restaurants in the villages, with a stunning view of the Caldera. In contrast to Oia, this area is a lot less overpriced.

You can either visit the villages before the Black Beach in the morning or head over there for sunset in the evening – the choice is yours.

Black Beach

Black Beach is a stunning, black sand beach in Santorini. It is one of these cool, underrated places most tourists skip out on. But I think you should definitely visit when spending a week in Santorini.

This beautiful beach is about 12 km away from Fira, and it will take you about 20 minutes to get there with your rental car.

White Beach is also close by, but it is a bit harder to reach without a boat. You can also drive by the Akrotiri Lighthouse on your way to Black Beach.

a row of tanning beds and umbrellas on the famous black beach in Santorini with the blue ocean in the background

Day 6: Ancient Thera, Local Products

Day 6 of this Santorini itinerary is an awesome time to dive deep into the island’s history and culture. We are sampling local products and visiting important archaeological sites.

Ancient Thera is a museum located on top of the Mesa Vouno Mountain. You can easily drive up there with your rental car.

On top, you’ll follow a trail to the most beautiful ancient ruins. There are lots of interesting markers telling the story of ancient Thera.

As an added bonus, you’ll have an awesome view of the ocean.

End your day with a tour of businesses to sample delicious local products and watch the sunset.

Beautiful ruins of ancient Thera in Santorini with a nice view of the ocean in the background.

Day 7: Perissa Beach or Day Tour

Your last day in Santorini should be spent in a very relaxed way.

Either hit up Perissa Beach to relax or book a fabulous day tour to collect some more Santorini memories before going home.

We especially enjoyed an evening ride along the beach with beautiful horses and a walking tour of the historic village Exo Gonia.

There are also lots of fun ATV tours, Instagram tours or Atlantis experiences you can book – the choice is yours.

How Many Days Do I Need in Santorini?

In my opinion, a week is a perfect time frame to explore Santorini without being in a rush. Of course, you can keep busy there for two full weeks as well – and especially discover smaller villages and hidden beaches.

I wouldn’t stay less than 5 days in Santorini. That would mean rushing through the hotspots without truly seeing the beauty of the island.

Many people come to Santorini for one day on a cruise ship, and that is just about enough to see some of the highlights.

If you have more time, combine your trip to Santorini with some island hopping and visit Mykonos as well.

santorini oia colorful flowers and white houses of oia

Conclusion: 7 Days in Santorini Itinerary

To sum it up, this 7 days in Santorini itinerary will lead you to the most beautiful spots on the island. You’ll experience touristic hotspots but also some more local hidden gems.

As with all of my itineraries, this is meant to help you discover the island in a relaxed way – without a rush. Feel free to modify this itinerary to your own wishes.

Make sure to include the villages of Megalochori and Pyrgos as well as the famous Oia into your trip – and you’ll be surely amazed!

If you are not convinced yet that Santorini is a great spot for you, read about why Santorini is worth visiting.

About the Author

Justin is a military pilot and travel blogger. Due to his job, he splits his time between the US, Curacao, and Europe.

Justin enjoys discovering the world together with his wife and venturing out with his drone to take magical shots.

FAQ: 7 Days in Santorini Itinerary

Is 7 days in Santorini too long?

No, seven days in Santorini is not too long. It is the perfect time to explore the island, see all of the beautiful villages, and do a couple of excursions. You could probably fit everything in in less than seven days, but that would be rushed and not enough time to experience the island.

How expensive is a week in Santorini?

The answer to how expensive Santorini is depends really on your choice of hotel. The gap between luxury hotels and normal accommodations is huge. Santorini is pretty expensive, so plan at least USD 1,500 per person for a week in Santorini without too much-added luxury.

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